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PushManager privacy notice


PushManager is an enterprise mobility management solution. PushManager consists of an administration server and a software agent. PushManager administration server allows communication and control functions with mobile devices. PushManager software agent facilitates the communication with PushManager administration server and may apply its control orders. This privacy notice describes how we handle the information we collect via PushManager.

Collected Data

PushManager may collect the following information:

  • Device identifier and device username
  • Status of the mobile device SIM card
  • MAC addresses and device serial numbers
  • Phone number, carrier, IMEI#, and other WWAN attributes
  • First, last name and email address of device user
  • Data usage through WWAN and Wi-Fi interface (excluding content),
  • Tracking of associated device assets, including service plan and associated physical equipment
  • Real-time GPS location tracking and mapping, including analysis of location data
  • Tracking of certificates installed on devices
  • Personal or business contact information (ie email, name, phone number, etc.)
  • Device check-out/check-in: tracking who uses which device and when
  • Installed applications on the device (excluding content)
  • Device characteristics such as : model, free memory space, OS version, encryption capacity and status, etc…

Its information are available from the PushManager administration server.

Data Usage

Every information is only collected to allow your company administrator to manage its fleet of devices. ITS Ibelem may use the collected data to promote or improve PushManager and our related services. In this case, personal information (such as company name, email, name, address for instance) are not used without your previous explicit permission. Otherwise any personal information would be removed before any usage. No information is sold or shared with any third party.

Data Retention

PushManager keeps the data on PushManager administration server as long as the Customer, the owner of PushManager administration server licence, needs it to manage its fleet of device. Any deletion request should be sent to the customer. If a Customer requests to remove its data, we will respond within a reasonable period of time. Business partners ITS Ibelem is not responsible for any partner selling or hosting PushManager administration server which would not respect this notice. Nevertheless, if any partner was in such situation we would investigate and may stop any services with this partner

How to contact us:
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Updated : Decembre 2nd, 2021