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Thierry Marischael, Network Administrator at Shiseido.


Extract from the article of January 17, 2013

"Protecting mobile devices from cyber attacks"


01 Business & Technologies - Read the article (pdf in french).


« We chose Apple, more reliable against attacks and virus »

At Shiseido, mobility is above all an extra comfort offered to executives. However, the main tool is the laptop, allowing them access to online applications.

Mobile devices serve only to consult corporate email, calendar and contacts. To avoid any risk to security, we chose a platform safe and reliable, namely the iPhone plus iPad now.

Several employees also want take advantage of mobility on their personal devices. We accept on the condition that they use an Apple hardware. Therefore the importance of the fleet grows. It counts today about 70 iPhone and 20 iPad. To manage it, we used the software PushManager. It allows, in particular, to establish a separation between personal and professional contacts.


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