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 Edition 9.14.2012 - by Quentin Renard


Korean Samsung has introduced 13 September 2012 its range of products for businesses. The offer is supported by a range of partners who are beginning to create an ecosystem. It retains mainly the presentation of PushManager French MDM solution. 

Samsung takes the mobile market for the company seriously. The manufacturer of smartphones acclaimed by the public, presented its solutions for businesses during open house Sept. 13, 2012. There is a wide range of tablets, smartphones, laptops and hybrid solutions to cover all types of business needs.


Samsung has put forward two of its products, the Galaxy Note 10.1, furnished with a stylus, and the smartphone Galaxy S3.


Thus, with this equipment and associated ecosystems, Philippe Barthelet, CEO of Samsung  France believes even today Samsung "is passed in front of BlackBerry" in the business world.

In this sense, Future Telecom, a subsidiary of SFR, said earlier this week that for the first half of 2012, more than half of its sales come from Samsung smartphones.


PushManager an interoperable MDM

Among the partners present, there is a company that develops solutions for Mobile Device Management (MDM) called PushManager. In France, this MDM solution is especially used by banking groups or automobiles.


PushManager is a partner and member of Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program Management (SEAP). However PushManager interoperable with all mobile operating systems currently available, according to Virginia Civrac. Compatibility with Windows Phone 8 will be effective beginning in 2013, PushManager currently working to make the solution compatible with the future mobile OS from Microsoft.

The partnership with Samsung expands management capabilities of smartphones and tablets manufacturer regarding controls, restrictions and rights. Thus, with a Samsung smartphone, the administrator of the MDM platform can restrict the use of SD memory cards in the workplace.

Another strength of the solution, it is possible to open a Self Portal for visitors, and employees, so that they can themselves come with a pre-configured system of rights, and connect their own equipment in the data base. This option "facilitates the work of employees, who, with the BYOD can feel liberated by the use of their own terminal" says Virginia Civrac.

PushManager also enables to separate professional or personal use, especially during holidays. The user can "disconnect" the professional environment on their smartphone or tablet during the holidays. 

The use of NFC in business applications

Other technology interview, Tag & Play of the compagny Impressions modernes, which uses NFC technology to provide business applications to its customers. Thus, with Tag & Play, a simple reading from a smartphone equipped with NFC technology can track and know well the path of a perfume or a bottle of wine. Other business applications can be realized, for example in the context of home care or monitoring of timestamps.


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