The first specific feature of PushManager lies in the ability of the solution to combine a wealth of functions, scalability and ease of use.

Using it requires no specific skill. The solution is considered as being very intuitive and, despite the frequency of updates, the tree structure evolves gradually. Administrators can therefore appropriate new features seamlessly.

In addition to these features, the PushManager Mobile Device Management solution has the following four specific advantages:


1- Developed and hosted in France

PushManager is developed by an R & D team based in France. Moreover, this is the only solution whose servers are hosted in a datacentre in France.



2- Specific on-demand developments

Our staff develop new features to meet the specific needs of certain clients.
These made-to-measure developments are either related to the customer's infrastructure or to security rules specific to an organization or a sector of activity (e.g. education).

For example, at the request of the headmaster of a public high school, our staff developed a feature to allow tablets to be used only at authorized times. This feature, which is not available from other publishers, will now be offered as standard in all schools.

  Depending on your needs, our staff can also approach the right partners to integrate additional solutions in order to cover a particular request.



3- Support & services

Beyond merely providing or installing software, our staff will help you throughout your project and deliver all the necessary services:


  Elite Support 24/7: to get an answer to your questions at any time
  Administrator training: to optimize the use of the solution and / or discover new features
  Deployment of your devices: for devices delivered to users ready to use
  User training: to help your employees get familiar with the devices
  Platform administration: our staff administer the platform on a daily basis on your behalf


4- Clear, competitive pricing

Pricing for the PushManager solution is designed to make the solution accessible to all. The option of using the solution in SaaS mode allows medium-sized structures to have easy access to the product.