PushManager has for over 4 years been equipping many institutions in the Private, Public and Education sectors. Consult the references...




Private Sector

Although PushManager is used by large groups, the solution is particularly well suited to the needs of SMEs.
It meets their needs in terms of ease of use and intuitiveness. It is also available in Saas mode which makes it very affordable.

In addition, PushManager has an other advantages for SMEs: the option of delegating administration of the solution.

         Large companies appreciate the fact that the publisher develops features to seamlessly integrate, in their infrastructure or connect to their internal tools (e.g. web-services).



Public Sector

PushManager equips many administrations and local/ government authorities: Councils, Regional Councils and Town Councils. About sixty of them already use it for the needs of councillors or for those of the schools for which they are responsible.






PushManager is used by many public and private schools to administer the tablets made available to teachers and pupils.

Some features have been developed at the request of the institutions themselves
, such as for example, « usage restrictions ». This feature, available only in PushManager makes it possible to authorize the use of the tablet in time slots authorized by the school. In
addition, PushManager staff develop numerous partnerships with ecosystem players to meet other specific requests from schools (e.g. systematic installation of a parental control application…).

        PushManager has, for example, been used by the Lycée Charles Peguy in Clisson since 2011 for the management of 1,300 tablets deployed within the school. Read the press release...