In addition to the general features, we invite you to check out below some of the features and services of particular interest to schools.

This list is not exhaustive. Contact us for a more detailed view of existing and upcoming features for the education sector or to send us your questions.



     Internet & infrastructure

Using and installing PushManager requires no special infrastructure. The only prerequisite is to have access to an internet connection. You must also make sure that you have a sufficiently fast internet connection for configuring and using tablets in lessons. Our staff can help you with validating this phase.



Choice of OS

PushManager manages all OSs (iOS, Android, Windows) and we have rolled out education projects on all major OSs on the market. Nevertheless, there are some specific features of OSs which must be considered. To answer the question about the choice of OS, it is necessary to know the intended use of the tablet, what your expectations are, and of course, the overall budget allocated to your project.

Classroom management module


  In response to requests from teachers, we have extended the scope of PushManager features to classroom management. PushManager is enhanced with the "Push4Edu" module that allows teachers to lock pupil tablets onto an application or a web page during the lesson, and unlock a tablet if necessary…

Limitation of use for pupils and geolocation


  Limitation of tablet usage times

PushManager is, at present, the only major Enterprise Mobility Management solution to offer this possibility. For each day of the week you can define time ranges of use and a maximum duration of use per day. You can also handle exceptions to increase use time for a specified period of a day in the week.


  Filtering access to the web

For Apple devices in supervised mode it is possible to create a "white list" via PushManager (list of allowed sites). On other OSs and / or to filter websites when used outside the school, it is possible to integrate a specialized solution available on the market. Our staff will advise you on this.





  Geolocation of a device

You can geolocate a terminal. However, before using the geolocation feature, you should refer to your internal mobility charter.


Purchase and management of applications and textbooks


  Volume purchase of applications

Management is facilitated on Apple by the VPP programme. As for other manufacturers/OS, we can, if necessary manage purchases directly from publishers on your behalf.



  Bulk deployment of applications on tablets via PushManager

You can bulk deploy applications on all types of terminals via PushManager. On Apple tablets, applications are deployed in bulk and in silent mode (i.e. without any user intervention). This is one of the great strengths of the PushManager solution compared to competing solutions.


  Deployment of textbooks via PushManager

You can already deploy textbooks on tablets. However, please note that we are working with leading publishers, on a simplified deployment process that will help make gains in terms of, i.e, download time.

Administration of the platform


  Multi-institution management on a single platform

You can, if you wish, share costs by having the platform administered by an employee dedicated to several institutions. In this case, you can create one« back-office » environment per institution on the same platform.


  Delegation of management

No specific skills are required to use our Mobile Device Management solution. Nevertheless you can delegate the administration of PushManager to our staff. This is what often happens in schools that do not have staff dedicated to IT projects.


  Administrator rights management

You can provide console access to several employees, including administrative personnel such as HR. Their rights can be adapted to their profile/activity. You can restrict rights on the features and/or adapt the level of visibility. This allows you to avoid any manipulation error and/or prevent sharing sensitive information with everyone.

Project prices and financing



The PushManager license fee for education is €2.5 per month excl. VAT per terminal in SaaS mode (support, hosting and maintenance).




If you so wish, our staff can offer you financing for your entire project (hardware, software and services) for 36 months. You pay a monthly hire charge and can scale your solution to suit your needs.

*: the official launch date for these new services will be announced in the coming weeks.