Containerisation is a feature that allows you to completely split personal and professional environments. You can safely implement a BYOD* or COPE* policy. 

Containerisation with Samsung Knox

The PushManager Enterprise Mobility Management solution lets you:


  • Manage the deployment of Samsung Knox

  • Define Samsung Knox environments on terminals

  • Perform the following actions

    • Set the ActiveSync client
    • Activate the Samsung Knox container
    • Define the level of complexity of the locking code
    • Authorize the camera
    • Authorize information sharing
    • Make secure keyboard use compulsory
    • Install / uninstall internal applications and / or
      those included in the Knox container

   This is possible thanks to Samsung Knox containerisation on recent Samsung devices such as Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 and following.


(*): BYOD: Bring Your Own Device, or use of personal devices for professional purposes.
COPE: Corporate Owned Personally Enabled: personal use authorized with devices purchased and administered by the company.