The various settings relating to the implementation of your policy are very simple to make. Using the PushManager platform requires no special skill.


Security policy

You define the level of your security policy:

>  Device locking rules and password policy:

level of complexity, frequency of renewal…

  The list of accessible applications:

you can choose to operate on the basis of permitted or prohibited and / or required applications. You can set up restrictions. You can, for example, prohibit the use of YouTube, Safari, SIRI, the Camera, or installing App Stores. Find out more...

PushManager also allows you to set compliance rules. These rules generate alerts and can trigger automatic actions on compromised devices (rooted or jailbroken) or when installing a prohibited application.






Mail, access and certificates



Messaging and network settings:


  • Messaging accounts:

    you can configure email accounts for your employees access their email, calendar and contacts.

  • VPN connections:

    you can configure how the device connects to your wireless network via VPN, including the necessary authentication information.

  • Wi-Fi access:

    you can configure the security and authentication of wifi access points on the devices in OTA (Over The Air) with different types of encryption possible

  • APN:

    you can specify advanced settings such as the name of the mobile access point.

Managing certificates

You can manage certificates. PushManager lets you specify the certificates you want to install on the device and add your company certificate and other certificates necessary to authenticate access of the device to your network. You can also retrieve and deploy SCEP profiles independently of any other configuration.
You can view the status of certificates on the home page and can revoke, renew or delete them.

Web Proxy & web clips

You have the option of setting an http proxy
You can also customize the device's home page by adding web short cuts as icons or links.
Depending on your settings, you can make the icon deletable (or not) by the user. You can also add bookmarks or favourites in the web browser.

Separate configurations

>   Management by user group

PushManager allows you to manage different configurations and access rights depending on the people concerned (e.g. by activity or level of responsibility…).


>  Depending on the type of device (personal or otherwise)

you can also decide to allow BYOD within your company*, create an application catalogue and configuration policies specific to personal devices. Find out more...

(*): use of personal devices for professional purposes.



For each day of the week you can define time ranges of use and a maximum duration of use per day.

You can handle exceptions to increase use time for a specified period of a day in the week.