Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you are involved in education, please also visit the page on issues specific to the world of education.




What is your Enterprise Mobility Management software used for?

PushManager is a solution that addresses the major issues faced by businesses and schools since the introduction of Smartphones and Tablets.

This Enterprise Mobility Management / Mobile Device Management solution allows mobile devices to be administered remotely, securely and in bulk:

  • remote configuration: messaging, calendar, security rules,

  • management of application catalogues (MAM - mobile application management), find out more

  • access to a documents catalog, find out more

  • BYOD management, find out more...

  Is the solution secure?

Yes. No sensitive or critical information passes through the platform. In addition, to ensure the highest level of security for our French customers in SaaS mode, PushManager is hosted in a French data centre (ITS Integra).



  Can we install it in our company?

Yes. The solution is available in SaaS mode but can, if you prefer, be set up in dedicated mode in your architecture. In this case, an expert consultant mobility will implement the solution on your site.


What if I don't have employees with the necessary skills?

No specific skills are required. You can, however, delegate administration of the solution to our staff. This is what often happens in schools that do not have staff dedicated to IT projects. Some companies also choose to outsource the management so as to be able focus on their priorities.


  What kind of devices can be managed?


The platform is multi-OS and multi-device. You can manage iPhones and iPads as well as Android, Windows Phone 8 and PC Windows 10 devices. As the list of features available per OS is constantly changing, contact us for more information.


  How much does the solution cost?

To give you an idea, PushManager costs less than €3 per month per device in SaaS mode (support, hosting and maintenance included). For the preferential rates for Education, please contact us.

  What are the prerequisites?

To use the solution in SaaS mode, no installation is necessary. You access the platform from a web browser.
No specific technical skills are required to use the platform.

If you opt for on-site installation (dedicated mode), we will help you to install the platform in your infrastructure. We also provide you with the necessary certificates for Apple and Android.

  Can the solution be used to manage applications and files?

Yes, you can manage the access rights of your employees, individually or in groups if you wish. Depending on the rights assigned, they can access their messaging (contacts, emails, calendar) as well as a catalogue of public applications /and or applications internal to your company. They can, for example, view, download, or update business applications. They also have access to a documents catalog.

  What are the settings that need to be made for the platform?

We provide you with personal access to your platform. On your side, you simply set your security policies, network configurations, and access rights to applications by user group.
You integrate employees equipped with devices into the platform (from a « csv » file, for example). You then assign these users to their reference group.

Then you configure the fleet of remote devices. To do this, you send the user an activation email or SMS including a web link. The user clicks on the link and follows the steps indicated. His/her device is configured. You can follow the various stages of deployment step by step to ensure that each operation is carried out successfully.

It should be noted that using the platform requires no special technical skill.

  Does the solution integrate client software on the device?

For Apple devices, this is not necessary unless you want to use jailbreak or roaming detection functions. For Android we have developed a specific client (PushManager for Android).

  Can the solution detect compromised devices (jailbroken or rooted)?

Yes, PushManager detects compromised devices. You can set up compliance rules to detect compromised terminals, for example, and trigger automatic actions.


  Can PushManager help to implement a BYOD policy?

Yes, PushManager lets you manage and administer mixed fleets (corporate devices and personal devices). If you want, you can also deploy containerisation features.
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  Can personal and professional data be separated?

Yes. Our solution enables you to isolate and encrypt professional data on the mobile device. For example, PushManager prohibits movement of professional emails and copying of corporate data.

Moreover, in the event of theft or loss of the device, for example, it is possible to erase only corporate data. All private information (photos, personal mails, etc.) is retained.

Also, if you have set up a BYOD policy, your employees can take action themselves to erase corporate data.



Can access to the web be filtered?

Yes, this is possible. On Apple devices, it is possible to create "white-lists" of authorized sites (devices in supervised mode). On other OSs, it is possible to integrate a specialized commercially available solution. Our team will advise you.

  Can a device be geolocated?

Yes, this is technically perfectly possible. However, before using the geolocation feature, you should refer to your internal mobility charter.


  Can a tablet be locked onto one or more applications?

Absolutely. You can use the tablet in "kiosk" mode. In this case, it will be locked onto a single application (Apple devices), or on one or more applications (Android devices).


  Can we buy apps in bulk?

Yes. Management is facilitated on Apple by the VPP programme. As for other manufacturers, we can manage purchases directly from publishers on your behalf.


  Can we provide console access to several employees, including administrative personnel such as HR?

Of course. You can give rights to several employees. Their rights can be adapted to their profile. You can restrict rights on the features and/or adapt the level of visibility. This allows you to avoid any manipulation error and/or prevent sharing sensitive information with everyone.

  Can messages be sent to users via PushManager?



You can choose to send: SMS, emails or notifications (a window opens on the screen).

  Why choose PushManager rather than a competing solution?



In addition to PushManager's wealth of functions and ease of use, here are the main reasons given by our clients:

  • development, hosting and support in France
  • specific developments can be made on request
  • overall support provided by the publisher's staff if you prefer: deployment of devices, console administration on behalf of clients, training, support, etc.
  • tariffs designed to make PushManager accessible to all.

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  Who are you?

We are a subsidiary of ITS Group and have been developing software publishing since 2004. PushManager is our third best-seller after our high availability and administration solution for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and our connection management solution for laptops(

We have two sites in France: Boulogne-Billancourt and Nantes where our R & D staff work daily to enrich our solutions and where our support staff respond daily to your questions.


  What are your references?

Our customers are international companies in the CAC 40 (major French key accounts), SMEs or local and government authorities. For the last 3 years, we have also been equipping many schools. Consult the references...

We have also developed strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and operators: Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Orange, SFR, Bouygues, etc.