A BYOD* programme allows employees, or in the case of schools, pupils, to use their personal devices for professional purposes or as part of their studies.

The PushManager Enterprise Mobility Management solution allows you to deploy this type of programme by automating the management of personal devices.

BYOD with PushManager

In the case of a personal device, the PushManager platform makes it possible to:

  • make users autonomous,
  • greatly simplify device management for the IT department,
  • secure and control only company data.

>  User side

  • a mobile portal allows the user to self-register,
  • a self-service portal for managing his/her devices with different action options. Your employee or pupil can, for example, revoke his/her device or trigger an emergency alarm.

>  Administrator side

  • a complete interface to easily manage mixed fleets**,
  • separation of security policies depending on the device type (personal or not).
  policy-BYOD-containerisation- containerisation



devices provided by you and employees' personal devices

To go further, containerisation ...

Containerisation is a feature that allows you to completely split personal and professional environments.
This is possible thanks to Samsung Knox containerisation on recent Samsung devices such as Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 and following. Find out more about containerisation...

(*): Bring Your Own Device